Niluka Safari Service, located bordering the Udawalawe National Park, invites foreign & local travelers to enjoy the nature in its natural surrounding whilst experiencing real Sri Lankan hospitality combined with luxury services. The 16 years experience of Niluka Safari Service will be cherished by who put step inside this heaven of nature. We expand our business through the popularity of Niluka safari as providing accommodation & quality meal providing.

Located all the services near by the Udawalawe National Park become a present’s luxury in its simplicity combining nature. Another element of Niluka Safari and our other services is the Sri Lankan hospitality which truly makes the stay precious and unforgettable.

At Niluka Group you are bound to experience true Sri Lankan traditional hospitality with beauty of nature and wild life. Niluka Group understanding that its guest enjoys luxury in simplicity coupled with Sri Lankan hospitality, which makes them return to this beautiful Paradise, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, of our beautiful Sri Lanka.