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One of Sri Lanka’s finest wildlife attractions, Udawalawe National Park boasts of typical combination of dry and wet zone vegetation, wild buffalo, sambar, herds of spotted deer, giant squirrels, and more admirably so, elephants. In terms of sheer sighting, a lone tusker’s proud walk or a herd of elephants enjoying the watering hole are just two of the hundreds of iconic views you would remember fondly. At the center of the park lies the Udawalawe Reservoir, the main destination of wildlife observers and keen eyed photographers who would just stop at nothing to capture a sublime photograph with enrapturing backdrop. Udawalawe is known for its vast expanses of dense grass, bushes and under-grown trees. The park mainly consists of grasslands and scrublands, but there are also mountains and rocky terrain.
In addition to its famous herds of elephants, the park is home to mongooses, jackals, monitor lizards, many crocodiles, sloth bears and the occasional leopard. The park also hosts a number of endemic bird species such as Sri Lankan Super Fowl, Sri Lankan Jungle Fowl, Red Faced Malkoha, Sri Lankan Grey Hornbill, Brown Capped Babbler and along with a variety of visiting water birds which sets Udawalawe a hotspot for bird watchers. Best time to visit the park would be during the dry season, which ranges from May to September.

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With 22 years of unmatched experience and the largest ever fleet in Udawalawe, we at Niluka Safari can accommodate your wish of enjoying an unparalleled safari experience with our standard and luxury vehicles. A package which is best suited to facilitate your safari experience awaits here.
Our safari expeditions are curated considering our client expectations and keeping up with the highest standards and experienced drivers, you are bound to witness a thrilling ride full of adventure. We prioritize your safety in every possible manner, so that you will feel safe in our hands.

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"When I was on a three week trip to Sri Lanka together with my dad, we also included a safari to Udawalawe Park. We were picked up by Niluka Safari at Athgira River Camping and drove around 20 minutes to Udawalawe Park. Once we were there our tour guide was very capable and could show us loads of different animals: we saw birds, crocodiles, monkeys, water buffalo and loads of elephants! Our guide took us very close to the animals we encountered while still being very respectful of their territorium. I would highly recommend doing a safari with Niluka safari as it will be an experience you will never forget!"
Finn Oele
“Excellent driver who picked us up from our hotel on time. We went to Udawalawe National Park for an early morning safari and we were not disappointed. We were fortunate to see many elephants, birds and crocodiles and we will never forget it. Highly recommend Niluka Safari Services.”

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